Competition Tournament Experience
  2017年2月 らぽんチャンピオンシップ
 2018年2月 Best in the West チーム戦
 2017年5月 マスターズカップ
 2018年5月 ランカーズカーニバル
​ 2019年9月 最高位戦トーナメントSPMT LA 2019
  We associate the competition style mahjong tournament with only tournament for pro players. But amateur players in Japan are enthusiastic about competition style mahjong with no gambling and there are many tournament which amateur can participate. LAPOM regular base league designed to be practice for competition tournament.  
 LAPOM hosted tournament which have participants come from all states and those are Open tournament thorough Competition tournament. We hope it is going to be new and rich experience for participants.
<Open Tournament>
  Anyone can participate
  February 2017  LAPOM Championship
<Open Tournament with condition>
  February 2018  Best in the West team tournament
<Competition Tournament>
  For player who can understand: to calculate reverse condition from currently points, to play with comprehensive perspective for multiple times game, to have certain manner level of competition game, to set up his final goal as getting first place.
  May 2017 Master's Cup
  May 2018 Ranker's Carnival
  September 2019 SPM Tournament LA 2019