Riichi Schedule
 クリスマス杯(聖夜に白天使が舞い降りる)、サンクスギビングこたつ麻雀、大晦日年越しカウントダウン麻雀 など
 バトルロワイヤル:寂しいお別れ会も、最後に全員とバトルロワイヤルをして盛り上がり麻雀グループらしくSee you again!
​ モノポリー・ビンゴ:麻雀をゲームとからめたオリジナルの遊び方。ペアを組んで協力して遊びます!
  We have many fun and unique events other than leagues and tournaments. 
【Fun Mahjong Events】
Christmas cup ~White angels swoop down~, Thanksgiving Kotatsu Mahjong, Countdown Mahjong etc.
-Popular Mahjong events
Members Cup: One member host the cup with his favorite ruleset. This is our popular event. Wareme, Syber-Riichi, Couple match etc.     
-Farewell Battle Royal
Whenever members leave LAPOM, the last match with them is Battle Royal. It's our style to say goodby.  
-Other events
We can play unique style mahjong with Monopoly and Bingo. This is pair match and a challenge to your teamwork. 
【Just Fan Event】
-Summer Festival: We enjoy LA summer evening with Bon-dance, Yakitori and Watermelon game.
-FKMT Day: Fukumoto is an author of Akagi and Kaiji. This is Fukumoto fun event with cosplay.
-Meetup for FF14 and Yakuza0