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Riichi Mahjong League in Los Angeles

2019 3rd League(Saturday League)

1, The competition league for all players who are willing to improve together in LAPOM (Green Stars League)

2, The competition league is for players who want to train much more. (Red Stars League)

3, Fun game for beginners (White Stars League)

Green Stars League: Saturday 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Red Stars League: Saturday 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM

White Stars League: Saturday 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Meetup: Saturday 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM 2 hours free

About White Stars League(月白戦)- Saturdays

This league is for novice players and trial players who are from MJStars meetup.

Be able to enjoy casual playing and having fun with other players because of no scoring.    

About Green Stars League (蒼星戦) - Saturdays

Participation Requirement: The intent to challenge the competition (kyougi) mahjong league

League Period: January 5 to March 28 2020

League Times: Every Saturday from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Playoff: April 4; for the top 8 players in the league standings

Rules: Saikouisen (SPM) Rules

Number of Games: No limits

About Red Stars League (熾星戦) - Saturdays

Participation Requirements:

-Competitive Player Requirements (separate document)

-The ability to play in the required amount of games

-Participation in the Green Stars League to provide guidance to the next generation of competitive players   (must play at least 2 Green Stars League games before playing Red Stars League games for that day)

League Period: February 1 to March 28 2020

League Times: Every Saturday from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM


-Tournament knockout format throughout December using multiple-hanchan series

-All players in the league will participate (final league standings are taken into account)

Rules: Saikouisen (SPM) Rules

Number of Games: 24 games; players can play up to 4 games per day

There will be one study session per month

The league schedule may be adjusted for the second half of the league period

2020 First Period Sunday Ranking Match(Sunday)

We can enjoy playing Riichi mahjong all our life long. This is the longest league like Sumo-wrestling style. Let's play fun game! Everyone is welcome.  

Sunday Ranked List League - Sundays

Participation Requirement: Wanting to play fun mahjong!

Period: 2 months, January 5 to March 29 (players can join at any time!)

Times: Every Sunday from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Finals: The top 4 players from each season(Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, LA edition)

Rules: Saikouisen (SPM) Rules


Points are carried over, so players should keep aiming for the top!


         1月-3月末  第1期リーグ

   5月-7月末  第2期リーグ

   9月-11月末  第3期リーグ


   競技麻雀 蒼星戦、熾星戦

   ファン麻雀 日曜番付

   初心者 月白戦





・2月中旬-8月中旬 雀星戦








  About LAPOM League
<Base League>
 -LAPOM devides a year for 3 league periods.

     January - March 1st league

     May - July 2nd league

     September - November

 -We have 4 base league categories.

     Competition game play: Green & Red Stars League

     Play for fun: Sunday Ranking Match

     For Beginners: White Stars League

-New player can join Base League game after league has started.

-You can practice many rulesets because the format will change every period.

<Long Term League>


-Middle of February - Middle of August

-Competition style with NO ippatus, ura-dora, kan-dora, etc.

-You can participate Jansei-Sen and Base League either, but due to the limited availability of seats, you can not participate after Jansei-Sen has started.

<Short Term League>

-While breaking Base League on April, August and December, we will have short term leagues with using variety of rulesets. 

e.g. Kabuki-Cho style league with red tile, M-League style team tournament, etc.

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