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Hello! I'm LAPO-YAN from Osaka!

The manners you will learn from LAPOM is the golden standard in Osaka, but can be admired anywhere you go, so please follow the manners listed below:

・ Don't slam the tiles when you Tsumo (draw) or discard.
・ No need to call each title you discard.
・   No Saki-Tsumo(Drawing tiles early)because the players won't be able to Pon/Chi/Kan/Ron off of the tile before you.
・ Have your Kawa (Discard area) nice and neat. 3 rows of 6 tiles.
・  When calling Pon/Chi/Kan/Ron, say it so the other 3 players can hear you.
・  Wait a second or two when calling Chi.
・ Once a tile is in the Kawa (Discard area), you can't take it back.
・ Once you call Pon/Chi/Kan, you can't take it back.
・ When calling Pon/Chi/Kan/Ron, place the tile to the right and make sure the tile is obvious from who you got it from.
・ Just becasuse you already called Riichi, it's not OK for you to look at other players' hands
・ Don't purposely show your hand or tiles.
 Don't talk about any of the tiles you have in your hand while playing.
・ Don't have any other tiles in your hand when you are discarding.
・ Don't complain about your opponents' hand.
 Don't borrow points from other players.
 Don't do anything inappropriate while playing.
・ Don't sing or whistle while playing.

There's nothing difficult about these manners.

These manners are basically your respect towards the other players.

Please cooperate with other players so we can play fun mahjong


Here are some things that we like to see while playing.

​Thank you for reading!


・ Dropping the Rinshan (First tile you draw when you Kan) down so it won't drop.
・ Say "Give me a second" when you need to think.
・ Bringing your Wall forward so others are able to draw easier.
・ It's great if you can discard your tiles before brining in your Tsumo-Hai (The tile you drew) in to your hand.
・ Brining the remaining tiles in the wall closer to the middle is thankful!
I know there were a lot of things, but greeting and welcoming people is always something we admire from players!
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