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[らぽん日記] 2022年もよい一年でした!We had a great year in 2022! 



The last month of 2022 came in the blink of an eye💦.

My first update in 4 months has become like a summary of the year all at once.



In a nutshell, it has been a busy and good year. Some may argue that busy is not good. For us who experienced the days when LAPOM was empty, we are happy that LAPOM is crowded with people even when there are no days off. Busy = Awesome! We are filled with work engagement!


We have recently been paying more attention to what we eat in order to create more new and fun ideas, and to get the energy to do so.


ビタミンB群 玄米・納豆・まいたけ・豚肉・レバー

ビタミンC 緑茶・ブロッコリー・ケール・ビーツ 


We try to be flexible so that we can continue to have irregular meal times due to work. To improve our work performance, we take B vitamins and vitamin C first to make our body less tired.

B vitamins. Brown rice, natto (fermented soybeans), maitake mushrooms, pork, liver

Vitamin C. Green tea, broccoli, kale, beets. 

I like all of them except green tea, but I make a tumbler of green tea in the morning and drink it over the day. Staff Masa always drinks soda, but since started banning soda until he finishes 32oz of diluted green tea, he no longer drinks soda because he can't drink that much liquid in a day.



When you get busy, you pay attention to your diet → you get better energy and better work effort

→ you get busy again and go to the gym to improve your fitness → Better health → (repeated) → And you get even busier! Isn't this the discovery of the "infinite positive action theory" !


So, everyone, Season’s greetings and try to avoid from binge eating and drinking during happy holiday season.


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