The West coast best team tournament

        The Best in the West

is the inaugural team vs team event we’ve all been waiting for! Want to represent your team? Want to see who is the best? Want to see if you have what it takes to take home the trophy? Well, we sure do!


A team of 4 players will be representing their groups to determine who is the best team of that year. If you don’t win this year, there is always next year. If you do win, well... you better be ready to defend it next year! Because the winning team will be taking home the grand trophy, which will then be brought back the next year and passed on to the winning team.


This year will be a Saki-style tournament, but we will be introducing different rules as we see what makes the “best” teams in the United States.  Although this year’s event will be limited to only the west coast teams, next year will be open to all teams across the United States, so be prepared!


Games will be streamed live on our social media outlets, so please follow us now!


The winning team will also be taking home a brand new automatic mahjong table from, who will be one of our amazing sponsors for this event.

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