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Pacific Mahjong League  PML

I fondly remember when I first encountered the Pacific Mahjong League (PML). I was staffing the game room at a convention and just finished setting up the video game consoles and board games when Kira and Rachel came up to me and asked if they could set up a table to teach riichi mahjong. I was absolutely delighted! I had always wanted to learn how to play, after watching the Akagi anime and reading that and other mahjong manga. Though I was very busy I had a bit of time to sit down and try to learn. I was instantly captivated by playing with physical tiles on a mahjong table and Kira and Rachel's friendly and helpful manners. Flash forward to 3 years later I’ve helped teach riichi mahjong at another convention just this past month. PML, with members all over the world, is truly a cosmopolitan and professional club, setting the bar high by hosting one of the largest Western tournaments. Please look forward to attending their tournament later this year!

Intro from Pacific Mahjong League

The Pacific Mahjong League (PML) is a Japanese Riichi mahjong league. We use modern riichi rules and have a published rulebook. We host events nearly every weekend in one or more US locations, and make appearances at conventions and tournaments around the world. Whether you are a seasoned player that wants play competitively, or a curious beginner that wants to learn how to play, we invite you to join the Pacific Mahjong League!

PML Players Profiles



1 Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

2 Why do you like mahjong?

3 What is your favorite yaku?

4 Why do you think San Francisco team will win the tournament?

Bichen Wang

1 I started playing mahjong from my college days in anime club, but I really started picking it up in Seattle after Sakura con 2013. I like anime, and Saki was my gateway into mahjong.

2 I like the competitive nature of it. Since it's zero-sum, you have to be better than everyone else on the table and everyone in your league.

3 Pinfu

4 Our team has consistent performance in league, and we did okay at WRC

David Li

1 I've played Japanese mahjong for about 4 years. I started in the Seattle group and have recently moved to San Francisco and joined PML.

2 It's a game where you can always keep learning and improving yourself.

3 Toitoi

4 Because of the heart of the tiles

Haolun Wu

1 一発王者www

2 楽しいです

3 一発

4 最高なチームだから

Rachel Halperin

1 I am a college student

2 Because mahjong is fun

3 Toitoi

Sylvain Royer

1 Been playing mahjong for a little over 3 years now. Fun game.

2 It's like poker in that it's gambling, but it's less boring and more reliant on what your opponent has.

3 Chiitoi or sanshoku

4 Because we're the best in the west.

Austin Tai

1 Not much to say, I'll let the tiles do the talking.

2 It's the perfect harmony of the struggle against yourself, the struggle against others and the struggle against luck.

3 Chankan

4 Because we have the best players.

Takashi Masui

1 I've been playing mahjong for 16 years

2 i don't know lol

3 Ittsu, honitsu

4 We're experienced players

Shushan Song

1 No

2 I don't

3 Junchan

4 It doesn’t matter who wins, as long as we’re having fun!


1 Abc mutt

2 BayLyfe

3 Ippatsu

4 Why not

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