The West coast best team tournament

Los Angeles Pride of Mahjong  LAPOM

Los Angeles is known as the City of Angels, and Los Angeles Pride of Mahjong or LAPOM for short, keep angels in mind as they host new and experienced players at their mahjong dojo. LAPOM evangelizes riichi mahjong on Twitter and Facebook, they translate interviews with Japanese pros, and appear at local conventions and festivals. However, LAPOM are also demons at the mahjong table, providing some of the highest levels of competition to be found in North America. Some of their players have been playing riichi mahjong for many years, being native Japanese and grew up with riichi mahjong. This extensive experience has resulted in LAPOM members placing high in recent tournaments.

LAPOM (Los Angeles Pride of Mahjong) was established on May 15th, 2016. It was started by individuals with various backgrounds who met each other through mahjong. Our main goal has always stayed the same: To spread riichi mahjong throughout the world, one step at a time.


Although we had an ambitious goal, the original LAPOM staff members were unsure of the outcome. LAPOM was not sure if people within the community understood this goal, how many people would support us, and if they would actually come. In order for us to spread riichi mahjong throughout the world, we accepted anyone who was interested to learn and play. We never turned anyone away. In order to do this, we decided to rent a small office in Gardena, California and create a professional environment.


Like most Japanese people, LAPOM staff members started playing mahjong at someone’s house. People tended to put money on the table, but we insisted on kenkou (healthy) mahjong, so our new concept would appeal to all Japanese in the South Bay.  As time went by, players came to LAPOM hungry to play. They heard, “If you go to LAPOM, there will be players that know how to play.”


Then word spread.


Having visitors from all over the world, LAPOM grew rapidly--much more than we expected. We also made many more friends through mahjong at recent World Riichi Championship where some of us competed and met with Japanese pros. Now there is a even brighter future ahead.

LAPOM will have 2 teams comprised of LAPOM’s finest participating at Best of the West. We are hoping that we will be holding the trophy at the end of the weekend! But regardless of the outcome, LAPOM will continue to spread riichi mahjong to those who are not familiar with this amazing game. We have a lot (and I mean A LOT) of things planned for 2018 and beyond. Please keep an eye out for what will happen!

LAPOM Players Profiles



1 Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

2 Why do you like mahjong?

3 What is your favorite yaku?

4 Why do you think Los Angeles team will win the tournament?

Nima Hosseini

1 I used to play various trading card games competitively, including Yu-Gi-Oh, Kaijudo, and Buddyfight. I started playing mahjong casually with friends three years ago. I don't play competitive TCGs anymore, so I decided to focus more on mahjong.

2 I like mahjong because it is challenging, and there are always things you can learn and do to improve.

3 Chanta

4 I don't know if we'll win, because everyone in the tournament is very strong. But, anything can happen in mahjong, and I feel like I play better when faced with strong opponents.

Bryant Lin

1 My background is in computer science and biology , but I also am knowledgeable of psychology and philosphy. I like music too. My blood type is O-.

2 Because it’s about repetition and variation. It’s the color of life; music as well.

3 Riichi

4 Hubris


1 I am interested in anything.

2 It is pleasant to constantly think and judge.

3 Honitsu

4 Because it is America's strongest member.


1 I am a 45 year old New Yorker.

2 Tactics.

3 Ippatsu!

4 You ask a silly question. Do you think the lion will lose to the rabbit?


1 Born and raised in Japan. Got into Mahjong when in high school.

2 Because Mahjong is one of the most interesting and exciting games in the world.

3 Mentanpin sanshoku

4 We have speed, techniques, and great teamwork!

Hideomi Hamaya

1 Mahjong Crazy

2 It's my life.

3 Toi Toi

4 We give our best.

Sam Kim

1 been playing mahjong for a little under a year now. favorite tabletop game is magic atm.

2 It's just fun for me.

3 Honitsu

4 because we have shisho. :7


1 shiro

2 It's the best game in the world.

3 Toi Toi

4 makenai

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