The West coast best team tournament


Team Tournament

One Team for 4 players 


WRC rule no Uma

Every player in each team play 8 hanchan qualification

The 4 players have a shared score starting at 100,000. All players guaranteed 8 hanchan. The finalists play 9 hanchan.  

First Day Schedule, Saturday February 17th

10:00 am         Registration

10:30 am         Presentation for rules and schedule

10:50 am         Opening ceremony with Taiko performance

11:00 am          1st,2nd game

1:15 am             Lunch Break

2:15-7:00pm 3rd,4th,5th,6th game

LAPOM won't be hosting dinner, but if you would like to go dinner, we have 36 seats reserved at ASTRO Kitchen at 8:30 pm. (about 5 mins away from LAPOM)  LAPOM members can share rides if needed.  Let us know if you can go on the 1st day registration.

Dinner $20  Tax,Tip&Karaoke included. Pay for own drinks.  

ASTRO Kitchen: 2212 Artesia Blvd, Torrance, CA 90504

Second Day Schedule, Sunday February 18th

9:45 am           7th game

11:00 am          Lunch Break

12:00 pm         Finals / Free play / Topu-sen

5:00 pm           Closing ceremony


LAPOM won't be hosting dinner on the 2nd day as well, but we have a reservation at Little China Restaurant on Western Avenue 1 mile away from LAPOM at 8 pm.  We can share rides and meals on Lazy Susan.

Dinner is APRX $20 + Tax Tips. Pay for own drinks.


Little China Restaurant:  18026 S Western Ave, Gardena, CA 90248

Third Day Schedule,  Monday February 19th

10:00 am         Open LAPOM mahjong dojo for fun free play

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