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February through July 2024

We offer a variety of courses throughout the year, most of which require advanced reservation. We are happy to make a booking for you.


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California Championship 2025 First Round Selection April through July

Saturdays 12-6pm $28

This is the first step in determining the 5th California Champion. The first and second qualifying rounds will determine the SoCal representatives. The finals, including NorCal representatives, will be held in February 2025. The venue for this year's finals will be LAPOM!


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Competition League 2024 February through May

Saturdays 6-10pm

Saikoui-sen rules. 3 games per day. Total 30 games. Prepayment $250 for league season. Cannot join in the middle of the league season.


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Real Mahjong Soul games All year round

​Sundays 12-6pm $6 per game

Beginners welcome! Gateway to in-person play. Use Mahjong Soul rules and simple point calculation. 2 games per day required. Walk-ins are welcome but we will ask you to wait in situation, we recommend reserving your seat in advance.


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BANZUKE Ranking Game All year round

Thursdays 11am-4pm Fee $25

4 games with M-League rules. Plus points will increase Sumo-Style's ranking. Prizes will be awarded to the winner of the day.. No lunch breaks, so please bring your own snacks.


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Team Battle LAPO.M.League 2024 September through December

Saturdays 6-10pm Advance payment for team.

This is a very popular team match event that takes place every year. 3-player teams with M-League rules. All members of the winning team will receive a $100 voucher to use at LAPOM. Each registered team pays in advance.


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CRMA's mission is to provide opportunities for people to experience the joy of competition and the fun of tournaments, connecting California Riichi clubs and revitalizing them.



LAPOM joins the CRMA as the qualifying and main competition location in SoCal.


In 2024, LAPOM's long-awaited CRMA champion was crowned. As the defending champion, LAPOM will host the finals at our home in SoCal in 2025.


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